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Our Standard Brown Business Template

This is an example of a website built using our standard Brown Business template.

In fact this is just the start  because we can very quickly and easily customise it to your exact requirements.

However  before you settle on Brown why not take a look at our other standard templates?

A Website Built With NO Obligation

We will build a website to your exact requirements BEFORE asking you for a penny  cent or dime in advance!

If you are not happy or simply decide not to go ahead that's entirely up to you.

So What Will it Cost?

Here's another nice surprise; the total cost including hosting and support for the first twelve months will be £250.00. Thereafter there is an annual charge of just £50.00 for continued hosting and support.

The Standard Pages

There are four standard pages along with the Home page that can be included on your website; click on an image below to see an example of them in action.

Dynamic Design

Your website will be built very quickly to your specific requirements using the Dynamic Design technology we have developed over the last fifteen years.

During this time we have continued to develop this process to the stage where we are now confident that no one else can build a website as quickly as we can to such a high specification.

Get a Website Built ONLINE

Yes we can build your website whilst you are online!

To the bottom right of your screen you will see a button that indicates whether we are currently online and able to chat or not. If we are Offline please leave us a message.

Hosting and Support

We will host your website on our own virtual server and we are available 24/7 by email or live chat to support you.

There is one last big bonus the Control Panel!

The Control Panel

Okay  imagine your website has been built and has gone live. On a day to day basis you may wish to change the content  especially if you offer a range of services or products that may change frequently.

You can contact us for support  but better still your website will be supplied with a Control Panel so that you can make changes yourself; and because your website is 'dynamic' such changes will be immediately reflected.

Oh  and don't worry  no technical skills are required  a child could do it (in fact if you have a teenage son or daughter they will pick it up right away).

You can email us at